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AERO 180 has AERO(+) system application, designed to be thick where needed most with a thin structure elsewhere for more flexibility. There is Air-channelling system with full extra terry structure that allows cool air to circulate between foot and shoe.It has fully knit-in reinforced toe and heel for best fit and comfort with the logo knitted at the bottom.

It is made with SUPERCOTTON™ yarn with 20/1 ringspun yarn, for supreme quality and perfect feel.

SUPERCOTTON™ yarn is the result of the combing process in which 80% of most desirable fibers (longer, thinner) are being separated from the less desirable ones (shorter, thicker).

A high count of thinner fibers are tightly twisted together to make stronger, smoother and finer thread that gives supreme quality and perfect feel.



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80% Cotton

17% Polyamide

3% Elastane